Saturday, September 03, 2005

I didn't know...

Fresh from the Houston Chronicle:

HOUSTON — With more than 220,000 hurricane refugees camped out in Texas and more coming, Gov. Rick Perry warned today that his enormous state was running out of room.
Look, I really didn't realize that this could happen. I mean, it's just ONE CITY that's evacuating. And it's not even that big of a city. If the Hurricane had hit Galveston and the Houston metroplex.... Let's not even think about it. Our city was told to expect 10,000 but because the police force couldn't provide security for all the shelters, we have been limited to a mere 1000.

But if you do want to think about it, you can go to this comprehensive special report again, by the Houston Chronicle. The graphics about how we could change the course of a hurricane were pretty funny.


Linda A. said...

I started reading your blog today.I actualy found it while searching for other blogs about volunteer experiences with katrina survivors. I was so happy to find you.

(The girl scouts in Houston miss you! Jordan does too! She really enjoyed your leadership.)

I don't have your confidence, so I have been a bit weary to volunteer at the Astrodome. Though, we hope to get our girl scouts involved with the children who have enrolled in our school. (So far, 9 have enrolled.)

I have heard from other female volunteers that they have been getting a lot of lewd comments and were grouped while trying to assist survivors that first day the dome opened.

I have heard rumours too, that the Sams across the street was closed down because of looting. Which, turned out to be a complete falsehood.

I have also seen the survivors (they are issued armbands so that they can leave and enter the dome) at the nearby Target buying goods. Some are buying clothes for school and job-hunting. Others are too tired and shocked to think that far ahead and seem like they are stocking up on necessities for another road trip that may be ahead.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and applaud your efforts. You are going to be/are a great teacher!


mokru said...

wow, this will clearly affect the job markets of more than Louisianna and the other harder hit states. I keep hoping the market will become a job-seekers market. Until then, I guess I'm stuck in my current employment.

mollo said...

Yahoo! Howdy Linda! It's so cool that you recognized this as my blog. Guess the name gave it away, eh.

That's really sad what happened the ladies at the Astrodome. Some people are just jerks no matter. That is the exact reason why hubby and I are having second doubts as to whether we'd take people into our house. Sad, isn't it. But we're working on re-arranging the furniture even as we think about what we could do about those problems.

I am worried about the job market. I've been searching for a real job for months now and haven't found one. Yuck. Now all these other people are coming. The businesses in town are already talking about "creating jobs".