Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Texas Preparations

You can read and visually see how Galveston would look like with a Cat 3, 4 or 5 hurricane at the Houston Chronicle's website. I had posted about this special report before but now it's suddenly more important. Take a fun look at the possible ways that the government could make the hurricane move!

CNN did an interview with Governor Perry of Texas that you can watch concerning Texas' plans and preparations. Here are some quotes I'm sure that you'll never hear from some other unnamed states' reps.

"We're prepositioning a sustantial amount of assets, whether it's 5000 National Guard troops, 1000 Department of Public Safety Troops, and aviation assets."

"Texas has been practicing these types of evacuations for the last 4 years."

" We have a really great working relationship"
[referring to their Homeland Security Department Heads, area FEMA directors, and local level government. ]

Here in Bryan, I've gotten some water for storage but I don't plan on needing a ton of water yet. We're far enough inland that the water supply won't be severly affected. All the city water is pumped from the ground. If the electricity goes off , the city can't pump more water to replace the lost water. This fact was made evident a few years ago when the power in the city went out for just 3 hours. It shocked me to learn that the city towers were more than 60% emptied in that short time. There was no water pressure. I took that lesson to heart and have always had a small supply of water on hand.

Other Texans are preparing by trying to decide how much beer and nuts they need for their hurricanes parties.

I need to pick up some Diet Coke. My mom will dehydrate if she doesn't have Diet Coke to drink.

Visitors this weekend daughter?


mokru said...

I was mildly surprised at the general lack of blogging on your part over Rita.

mollo said...

Just like the storm, the blogging will build and build until KABOOM- the power goes out and I can't build anymore. There isn't much to report while the storm is sitting over the ocean.