Thursday, September 01, 2005

My shopping trip

My shopping trip was so much fun. And I even get to do it again.

large cans of Cambell's soup
large canisters of baby formula
ex-large containers of instant potatoes
super big cans of ravioli
Spaghetti O's
cereal- lotsa lotsa cereal
apple juice

The kids and I filled the cart up and then took it directly to the shelter. Now, this was last night and there was NOBODY saying there. There two cars there but they were just getting stuff. The church is HUGE. They've set a whole corridor with tables and tables full of basics. I saw one table that had 100 bottles of shampoo, then hairbrushes, a display of hairties, and even hair gel. The organization was perfect.

We haven't hidden the truth from the kids. We've been telling them that the city flooded and the people had to come here. Some kids will be joining their school shortly. We've even talked about looting and how you have to be a good person, even when the situation is bad.

As an adult, it's hard not to be angry about the situation. Even when I get mad mad MAD at the lack of personal preparedness, the slowness of the rescue operations, and the looters who are even attacking hospitals, I have to calm down. I know that in my heart, I want to help them so badly.


MHN for short said...

How in the world did Michelle Malkin find out about you????

mollo said...

She asked for Texas bloggers and I obliged. :)