Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Brazos County Limits Shelter Populations

For security reasons, the community organizations of the Brazos Valley have put a limit of 1000 as the number of people that can stay in shelters at one time. We currently have 5 shelters going, ready and waiting. The Lincoln Recreation Center in College Station, the new Central Baptist Church, Reed Arena on campus will open, and a new one at Aldersgate Methodist Church are going to be utilized. The last one is small and reserved for special needs people. All the locations were good choices because they are easily located by visitors and can provide shower facilities.

Houston is sending refugees to Huntsville and they have already had about 350 arrive today. I keep getting annoyed at the lack of attention to our wonderful set-up here ready for the people. It's like I'm jealous or something that the other cities and towns are getting their refugees and we're not getting ours.

Hey y'all, the Brazos Valley and Aggieland are going to give them needed rest. I look forward to all the cool things that this community is getting ready for them. Though I’m not into the planning and organizing, I just know what’s going to happen. I know these things are going to happen simply because I have that much trust in the abilities of the leaders and the army of volunteers that live in this town.

KBTX has put together a really heart-felt music clip video entitled "Katrina, in Their Own Words", about the people in our area so far. It's a really quick download, even on my dial-up but it's rather poor quality. I was there when they were shooting the footage of the intake center. One of my friends from church is even in it. :)


If you want more info on how and why the decision to limit shelter space to 1000 was made, The Eagle has a comprehensive report today on the limiting security factor. The article also has all those hard and exact numbers that us Americans seem to like so much.

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