Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tom Delay

This man has managed to open his big mouth again. He really gives the outside world a bad impression of Texans. Even Texans recognize that this little representative is just plain trouble. In 2003, Texas Monthly magazine gave him the honor of being one of "Texas' Worst Legislators." This was a first for Texas Monthly because Delay earned the title even though he's not a STATE representative. He was just so meddlesome in our state legislature that he earned this award.

However just this week, he pulled in a ton of money for the Port of Houston. I guess that's why we keep him anyway.

Here's links to the many reactions across the blog world about this newest statement. And La Shawn Barber hasn't even posted yet. With the 9th Court of Appeals banning of the Pledge of Allegiance and this statement from Delay all in the same day she might have gone into a state of shock right now. Somebody should call her.

Boots and Sabers: "You have GOT to be kidding me."

Right Wing News: "Holy mother of God!"



mokru said...

I must disagree. Tom Delay is a fine politician whether or not he is a legislator. Please note that a legislature is a body of legislators.

mokru said...

Rush Limbaugh had made the take that Democrats couldn't stand a Republican victory and as such would HAVE to bring him places to cut. I don't know that I believe that, but I would like to.

mollo said...

I've heard that "then the Democrats should suggest places to cut" theory also. But really now, all the Democrats will talk about are the few funds they already don't like. They could easily pick on abstinence funding or some pet project of certian Republicans. The media may or may not talk about the Democrats reply but for sure they will not talk about the Republicans reply. There's too much news to continue a mini battle of words like this will turn into.

This arguement will re occur when the election happens anyway.

---I'll go fix my annoying errors. I've noticed another one already.